This is BlackSharks PSP page, this is where I will be releasing all of my Homebrew from now on....live with it!

Hannah Banana v.1
Hi, this is just a little game I made for my friend's little sister, was her birdthday present from me . It was made rather fast, (about a week, during a school week as well) so it might be kinda buggy, here are some pics,

and the readme,

*********************Hannah Banana v1******************
Hello, this is My little game called Hannah Banana. I made it for my friend's
little sister, Hannah, for her birthday. Development time was Fast, about a week,
(during a school week to be exact). So please excuse the error's/bugs that may still be in there.

Controls -

Menu | Up/Down = Switch options (self explainatory)
Left/Right = Changes Difficulty (Hard, Medium, Easy)
Cross = Confirm

Game | Left/Right = Move left or right
Select = go to menu
...thats it :p

Game Play -

Simple all you have to do is use your orange trampoline and bounce the banana's
to the other side of the screen, You must save them all!!1!1!!11. You can go through
the screen and come out of the other side, this speeds up game play quite a bit,
and you'll lose fast if you try to walk all the way back. This game also allows you
to load your own music from the menu, though there is a little bug that causes it to,
"freeze". You can fix this by pressing SELECT, and try the option again.


Credits -

Author Work
******** ******
BlackShark Developer, Background GFX, Menu GFX, modded former Peach sprites

Sasha Tarquin Main Background music (From Newgrounds, thanks for your help Sasha)

Installation -

Drag and drop the hannahBanana! folder to your GAME folder....then run it on your psp, play it for hours and hours!


Thank you for taking the time to play, I hope get some few minutes of fun :)
Was programmed in C,

-BlackShark (Julian Williams)

A pretty good game for kids.
because i probably won't work on it more, it comes with the source code, it is programmed in C, Hope you guys enjoy it, if you run into any problems, let me know As soon as possable, thank you!
here is the link,
Hannah Banana!

....Happy birthday Hannah!
Ace of Space v1 (initial release!)
Ace of space Initial realease
is finally here!  This is my first
program in the programming language
of C so bear with me :)
Object of the game is to kill as many ships
as possable before you die(ill add more
game modes later, as well as better AI)
 Here are some screenies...

It has a Single player mode, and a Head 2 Head
mode, also it features a name entry so you
can log in and out, when maybe sharing with
your friends to see who gets High score! (though The
High Score system is Broken, It does NOT work)
Here are the download links,
Download Ace of Space v1
Download Music Pack! (Highly Recomended)
Player vs. Player Pong Online/
PvP Pong v4!
Thats right..
PvP Pong Online or version 4 is here
and guess what, it comes packed with NetPlay
and a Bunch of new themes making this the BEST
2D Pong Game for the PSP! (I can dream can't I?)
any way, some screenies...


pv4 credits



-Added more backgrounds and Themes (teh soccer is teh sh1t!!!)

-fixed menu up a bit

-Better Credits page

-some other stuff im sure ")
Many Thanks to All the people who  made this Possible,
GFX - PinkTank and pspfreak9 (awsome GFX guys, the comment for the good graphics i got from earlier releases are probably now true thanks to you guys)

Music- Evil-Dog (eboot music) and the Mod Archive (for the Background Music) and Doom 2 (for the menu music!, Barrel's O' Fun!)

AI for right paddle in single player mode, courtisy of GuitarGod1134

and much thanks to pspgamer81 for getting me started in Lua.

Special thanks to Youresam for most of the Online code and NetLib 2.02!

Another special thanks to Zack Attack (or pspuser, i believe) for various ideas and the emails! (probably wouldn't have even updated this without you!)

Be warned, I have not implemented an online settings picker, or which router you use,
the only way to connect is to connect to the first router in your settings(I should fix this in v5)

You can Download PvP Pong v4 here...
PvP Pong Online!!!

PSP Fake Bricker!/Custom Firmware 3.03 BlackShark v2
What it ACTUALLY is, is a FAKE Bricker, FAKE.... (it does not really brick any thing promise)
What you do with it is get a psp n00b friend you want to prank, put this program on the n00bs psp, explain to him all about what "Bricking" is, then say theres only a Slight chance of it Actually happening. run the program and watch the tears fall!

also, what to tell your n00b friend about the "Custom Firmware".....


* 222/333 Cpu Clock speed switching

* Downgrade ability to Downgrade back to 1.5 if needed (no file moving nessisary)

* Wifi compatible homebrew works! (even LuaPlayer)

* Ability to play ISO's from XMB (CSO's only, srry :S )

* PSX games bought from the PlayStation store can be played, no not the ones you downloaded from the interent! (Who do you think I am, DAX?)

NOTE: you HAVE to have one of these Firmwares... 1.5, SE, or OE any thing else WILL BRICK....IF you have the TA-82/86 motherboard, then Make sure you have one of those 3 firmwares and it WILL WORK....,

and remember, DO NOT TOUCH the flasher.cfg even just Opening it then running the program can
BRICK your PSP, so dont!.....I see you....
also if you start the program and you didn't put the correct update, eboots were there suppost to, that can brick it as well!, you've been warned....

Installation is very EASY, its almost exacly like OE except the DXAR maker and the flasher are in 1 program. just put the 1.5 and 3.03 updates in the Firmware folders
Make sure you read the README that came with the download...or else,

all that is in the gray is fake!
Update: its BEEN UPGRADED with the RSoD

any way, heres the download link,
3.03BlackShark grader v2

thank you AND
and yes.. i know its not as good as SE or OE..geeze..
this would be really good to save for a friend on April Fools eh?

if you find any bugs then post them here or email me at jdfrag@gmail.com
PvP Pong version 3


Description - This is my first Game and It is PvP Pong
 and this has
been updated to version 3
with new features,
such as....

                                            -Added better AI
                                            -Added Classic version
                                            -Added Customize ability
                                            -Added background for Menu
                                            -Added Ability to load your own background with ease
                                            -Added BackGround Changer
                                            -Added Improved AI for single player
                                            -Added a "Player 1 wins!" and Player 2 Wins! Image at the end of a game
Download link - PvP Pong version 3

More info is included in the readme so,
Get your copy now....I SAID NOW DAMN IT! :|
PvP Pong v2
im here to release my second version of PvP Pong!
it is much more polished than the first release.
now it comes with a opening title, game splash, (Doom, inside JOKE "D) a menu, with a credits page, and i cleaned up the data and put them in folders, and a SINGLE PLAYER MODE! AI for that is courtesy of GuitarGod1344.

i didn't include different backgrounds, but if you wanna change it, simply put a
480 x 272 png image in the IMAGES folder and name it background. and boom, your own Table!

you can get it here..
PvP Pong v2

this version comes with its own lua eboot, and kxploited, so just put it in your GAME folder, (or GAME150 for us SE's ) and launch.


PvP Pong


I Bring you my very first Game,

Pvp Pong or Player vs. Player Pong, it is unfortunetly coded in Lua, cuz learning
C/C++ and setting it up for the psp isn't easy, (niether was Lua, but its alot easier than C/C++)
i would also like to thank pspgamer81 for getting me started in lua.

any way, the game is lacking, as it does not have a menu, nor any AI,(hence PvP)
controls are simple, up, and down controls the left paddle (player 1 ) and triangle and X control the right paddle (player 2), it does have a score system, but it goes on indefinetly. and without further a due.....

PvP Pong  Download,
PvP Pong

PS. there is pic of it attached....and there should be MORE releases, I hope that near the end of my development for this, there will be a version that can play single, AD-hoc, and Infrastructure. so please get back to me on how it is.
 Thank you!
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